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Permanent exhibition of the Royal Mint in Jáchymov

The permanent exhibition is focused on the history of Jáchymov town. You can find here the collection of local minerals and exhibition of silver mining with mobile model of mining operations. The age of the greatest prosperity of Jáchymov coinage and Renaissance culture represent Latin school library from 16th century, works of the scientist Georgius Agricola, pastor Johann Mathesius and music composer Nicolaus Hermann, epitaph pictures, etc. You can also find information about local industry and prosperity of the town in the era of radon spa and exhibition of the office of spa doctor. The ethnographic exhibition shows how difficult the life in hard climatic conditions of the Ore Mountains was. You can see also the exhibition documenting political prisoners in work camps by Jáchymov uranium mines after 1950. Part of the sight-seeing tour comes through the large underground where the lapidary is situated. Fragments of portals and jamb which are placed there came mostly from the former house of the head of the Mint.

Length of the tour is 90 minutes. Czech-German labels in the exhibition

Guided tours in German are available for the groups of minimum 10 visitors.

Brief guide-books in English and Russian language are available at the ticket office.

  • The exhibition of Jáchymov spa
  • Detail from the exhibition of mining
  • St. Prokop – the patron of miners
  • Detail from the exhibition of mining
  • The assay furnace in the basement
  • The lecture hall with epitaph paintings from 16th and 17th century
  • Basement with the lapidary
  • Ancient basement
  • Exhibition of geology and mineralogy
  • Detail of the hymn-book from Jáchymov, 16th century
  • detail of the manuscript from the latin library
  • Detail from the exhibition of mining
  • The chimney hood from 16th century, discovered in 1985
  • Exhibition of the office of the spa doctor
  • Archaeological findings from the Royal Mint
  • Archaeological findings from the Royal Mint
  • Ascension of Christ, the epitaph painting from the church in Jáchymov, 1598
  • The model of the silver mining in Jáchymov in 16th century
  • Exhibition of the typical house-place in Ore Mts.
  • Jáchymov thalers, 1519 - 1528
  • Exhibition documenting the communist work camps in Jáchymov
  • The full-dress uniform of the miner
  • The life-size figurine of a Mint worker
  • The etnographic exhibition
  • The exhibition of the ethnography of the Ore Mts. region
  • The model of the mining works - detail
  • Fragments of the Jáchymov houses
  • Detail of the exhibition documenting political prisoners in work camps
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