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Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition of the Karlovy Vary Museum

Our permanent exhibition provides the overview of the history and nature of the Karlovy Vary region with special focus on the spa character of the city. Regional botany, zoology and mineralogy as well as archaeological findings are presented together with the development of the settlement of the region and origin of the cities and mining. Exhibition also presents the historical artifacts like medieval and baroque sculptures, local art handicrafts and products of the Moser glassworks and porcelain-factories in Karlovy Vary. Part of the exhibition is also focused on the development of the spa city from the 15th century until now and on the famous visitors of Karlovy Vary and spa doctors.

Short-time exhibitions are presented in the halls in the ground floor.

Tour lasts about 1 hour.

Guided tours are available for groups of 10 or more visitors. Please call for reservations in advance. Brief guides in English, German or Russian language are available at the ticket office.

  • The Hot Spring, clock-face picture, oil on the metal plate
  • The exhibition of the nature of the region
  • The exhibition of the nature of the region
  • The exhibition of the nature of the region
  • The model of the Loket castle, situation around 1500
  • Tambour clock, Karlovy Vary, 2nd half of the 18th century
  • Carafe with engraved picture of Karlovy Vary, glass, 1823
  • Discovery of the Hot Spring, relief in ivory, around 1880
  • Prehistoric pottery from Sovolusky
  • Unique alarm-clock, brass, Karlovy Vary, 17th century
  • Fragment of the coffee-set, porcelain, Chodov, around 1845
  • Shooting target of Czar Peter I. the Great, oil on canvas, Karlovy Vary, 1711
  • Gothic sculpture of St. Andrew, Olšová Vrata, around 1450
  • Eneolithic stone axe, Karlovy Vary region
  • Madonna and Child, Doupov, around 1480
  • Specimens of the minerals from the Karlovy Vary region
  • Card table, block feet were recessed by Czar Peter I. the Great, 1711
  • Exhibition of handicrafts and guilts
  • Guns and trophies of the shooters club of Karlovy Vary
  • Sculptured glass picture in the exhibition of porcelain
  • The collection of porcelain manufactured in the Karlovy Vary region
  • Porcelaine figures from Horní Slavkov
  • Guns and cups of the shooters club of Karlovy Vary
  • Karlovy Vary – model of the city
  • Archaeological findings from the locality St. Linhart
  • Books from the latin school in Jáchymov, 16th century
  • Exhibition of the history of Karlovy Vary
  • Exhibition documenting the origins of the city
  • Aragonite souvenirs from Karlovy Vary
  • Products of tinners, baroque, Karlovy Vary
  • Travel set of cutlery, Karlovy Vary
  • Exhibition of porcelain (china)
Krajské muzeum Karlovarského kraje
The Karlovy Vary Museum celebrates this
year 150 years since founding.

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