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Today, museum is a modern information and research center for documentation of Karlovy Vary spa and historical and architectonic monuments of Karlovy Vary region.

Permanent exhibition and short-term exhibitions take place in Nová Louka 23, Karlovy Vary.

Local branches of the museum with specialized permanent exhibitions are located in Jáchymov and Žlutice.

The directory office of the museum, departments and regional library are situated in two buildings: “Belvedere” and “Jelen” located

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The house was built around 1800 in late classicist style and some original elements of interior decoration came down to now. After 1890, the house was rebuilt to the spa house and called “Kurhaus Belvedere”. The house was owned by notable real estate manager Julius Sebert until 1945.

Jelen (Jelení skok)

The house was originally called “Hirschensprung” (in German “deer jump”). It was built around 1800 in classicist style influenced with the late baroque. However, the exterior and interior of the house was later renovated, the building has retained its original character. From the end of 19th century to 1945, the house was owned by the family of above mentioned real estate manager Julius Sebert from Karlovy Vary.

Krajské muzeum Karlovarského kraje
The Karlovy Vary Museum celebrates this
year 150 years since founding.

Muzeum Karlovy Vary
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